Professional Strength

Why should you choose a Prudential Real Estate company over another real estate company?


For more than 120 years, Prudential has developed a Rock SolidSM reputation for building and preserving individual security.

Global Customer Base

More than 50 million people do business with Prudential... that’s one out every five households.


Prudential spends more than $90 million annually on brand advertising, which has helped it become one of the most familiar brands in North America.


With so much exposure, it’s no wonder that 98% of consumers recognize the Prudential name. The brand name is repeatedly reinforced in the most popular advertising media including television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and Prudential’s numerous media sponsorships. Prudential’s advertising is among the most aggressive in the industry, helping to plant the Prudential name in the minds of real estate buyers and sellers.

Network Strength

There are over 1500 Prudential Real Estate member offices in North America with more than 42,000 agents, providing a substantial network of potential homebuyers.

High Standards

Not every company is invited to join Prudential Real Estate. It’s a highly selective process, and only those companies that measure up to Prudential’s demanding criteria may become part of the network.